Smart buildings.
Happy people.

Smart buildings.
Happy people.

Yanzi turns sensor data into better workplaces.

Our platform is the most trusted, the most scalable, the most secure, and the most easy-to-use sensor platform for smart buildings and offices. We use state-of-the-art IoT and cloud technology to provide solutions for the most discerning tenants, clients, and partners.


We optimize space with up to 20-30%.

Nearly half of all US office space sits unoccupied or under-utilized for the majority of the day. 50 percent of seats in meeting rooms go unused and up to 40 percent of scheduled meetings are no-shows. Yanzi enables you to optimize office space.



We increase productivity with up to 10%.

Studies show that by optimizing the working environment employee productivity can be increased to a value of $1,000 per year and person. Yanzi enables you to optimize the working environment.



We save energy with up to 50%.

Commercial buildings account for up to 40 percent of the world’s energy consumption. A smart office solution could reduce energy costs by as much as 30 to 50 percent. Yanzi enables you to optimize the use of energy.



We free time with up to 10%.

Yanzi’s solution enables the workforce to work, think, and innovate instead of waiting in line or searching for available spaces and colleagues. Yanzi can even have paper dispensers or waste bins tell staff when they need emptying or a refill. Yanzi enables you to optimize time.

All IP IoT Networks for Smart Buildings.



Anyone can install a Yanzi sensor. Just flip it on, and you’re ready.

Yanzi’s solution is extremely easy to install. The term ”plug’n’play” has perhaps never been closer to the actual truth.


Yanzi’s solution is based on standard technologies and a modern cloud distribution providing an extremely scalable solution.

There are millions of users and billions of things. Scalability is not nice to have – it is absolutely essential.

Yanzi’s architecture is based on an open, industry-standard software platform that can be scaled in a seamless and future-proof way.

New functions can be added to the platform over time, and
the software is continuously upgraded and pushed to the gateways and sensors to further improve value.


Yanzi’s solution offers enterprise grade security.

The demand for reliable security increases with every sensor and every IoT setup. As we approach the boundaries of IoT and move towards the IoE (Internet of Everything), the importance of security cannot be stressed enough.

Yanzi’s solution offers enterprise grade security and automated security setup. With Yanzi, you don’t have to choose between a simple set-up and high security.

  • Automatic security setup
  • Enterprise security model
  • Dual layer encryption
  • Automatic key management

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