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Yanzi moves raw and analyzed data between devices and cloud so that our partners can focus on building great products.

Yanzi handles device management including signed firmware upgrade, automatic security key management, certificate rollover, energy management, global wireless certifications and more — so that you don't have to. Talking to thousands of devices is inherently tricky, but we make it as easy as using a regular web API. We sell our own sensors using our software, but also allow partners to connect to our infrastructure.


Setting up and maintaining a Yanzi system is plug and play, thanks to our easy to use management tools. We fully support the entire lifecycle, from planning to deinstall.


Yanzi supports 1 to 50 000+ sensors per site, in both high and low density configurations. Yanzi utilizes global technology standards and a cloud agnostic distributed solution that enables fast global reach.


Yanzi utilises strong and FIPS-140 compliant cryptography both in the cloud and between devices - even for low-cost low-power devices at the edge. All while maintaining ease of use.


120 000 000 +


Yanzi Cirrus API

Scalable and Secure

Cirrus API is a secure open API supporting multiple simultaneous subscribers.

Data model allow access to any data originating from any location with a uniform interface without the need to understand the sensor details.

Communication is based on JSON objects over web socket over an authenticated and encrypted SSL connection that provides broad support and understanding in the industry.

Hot and cold data paths

Hot path (live data) supported by Publish/Subscribe mechanism to simplify integration to 3rd party IoT frameworks.

Cold path (historical data) supported by Request/Response mechanism to enable recovery of data after loss of connectivity.

Legacy Support

Protocol adapters available for standard message brokers such as MQTT, IBM Watson IoT Platform, IBM MessageSight, and Microsoft IoT Hub to simplify integration with IBM and Microsoft platforms.

Cloud Agnostic

Yanzi Cirrus Cloud supports deployment in Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon, and IBM Bluemix. Based on Docker containers managed with Kubernetes.

Real-time Event Driven Solution

Low latency, typically 250 ms both ways, allows for real-time applications.

Yanzi Stamp

Yanzi scales the product offering by providing sensor vendors with a fully automatic, scalable, and secure way to connect to the Cloud

Yanzi Stamp firmware is supported on multiple vendor’s chips such as Silicon Labs, Texas Instruments, and ST Microelectronics

Selected features included in firmware

  • Automatic network channel selection
  • Automatic discovery
  • Automatic security setup, AES-128 and private/public key ECC
  • Automatic Over-the-Air upgrade
  • IPv6 mesh networking
  • Routing based on IETF RPL
  • Dual boot with image checksum verification
  • Bluetooth beacon capability
  • Sleep capability with 10+ year battery life
  • Optimized retransmission in noisy environments with Forward Protection
  • Compressed communication protocol
  • Device drivers for standard sensors
  • Self healing network
  • Data buffering (in design phase)
  • Support for global radio protocols

Core Features



  • Web based lifecycle tool guides customers from planning to install to maintain.
  • Click and place interface intuitively configures the system to deliver the desired data.


  • Open API based on JSON over Websockets with strong typing.
  • 3rd party device integration using Yanzi Stamp


  • No pre-configuration of sensors required. 
  • Super simple install – Click, Scan, and Tape.
  • Typical 1-2 minutes per sensor.
  • Zero-configuration ontology is transparently created.


  • Full NOC via Cirrus API.
  • Automatic error detection.
  • Automated software and firmware upgrades.
  • Automatic configuration updates and integrated change management tooling.

Automatic creation of digital twin

  • Install creates fully featured building ontology with digital twins for all relevant spaces.
  • Fully automatic - no configuration required.
  • Integration with building model providers.


Installation Scalability

Supports installations of 50,000+ sensors per building

Network Usage Scalability

Supporting low density installation cost efficiently and high density installations technically (1-1,000 devices / 1,000m2)

Devices Scalability

Connecting low power devices (temperature sensors) as well as high performance devices (video cameras)

Region Scalability

Utilizing global standards enables fast global reach
(IEEE / IETF / IPv6 / ECC / AES)

Cloud Scalability

Leverage from Global Cloud providers and standardized technologies (Kubernetes)


Cloud API

  • Certificate based Cloud-to-Cloud connection
  • Automatic key management for multi-location to enable device roaming
  • Data encryption in transport and at rest
  • Encrypted backups of configuration data


  • Certificate based Gateway-to-Cloud connection
  • Automatic key management for devices
  • Signed binaries for remote upgrade


  • Dual layer encryption
  • Unique application layer encryption keys per device
    (automatic, not pre-configured)

Fully Automatic Provisioning of Devices Enables Fast and Secure Scaling

Automatic Radio Channel Selection

Radio channels are automatically selected by the Gateways based on environmental parameters, such as noise levels, and regional requirements. Sensors then automatically select the Gateway with the best radio channel for that area in the building. Sensors can still roam in case a “better” paths to other Gateways appears.

Automatic Network Address

All devices on a network are required to have a unique address in order to avoid communication collisions on the network. Yanzi uses fully automatic and standardized IPv6 addressing setup while older systems typically use manually configured addresses.

Automatic Discovery

Once a device has been attached to a network, there is a process to discover other devices. UPnP is a standardized protocol to, for example, find a printer from a computer and Yanzi IoT devices use the same technique. The Gateway automatically discovers devices on the network and peers them if requested.

Automatic Over-the-Air Upgrade

New software and firmware releases are automatically pushed from the cloud out to all sensors

Automatic Introspection

Once a device has been discovered, the Gateway must figure out the capabilities and data endpoints of the device in order to know which device drivers to run and how to configure the device. This is done using a hierarchical introspection scheme that allows for new devices to be deployed without any need for new Gateway software.

Automatic Security Setup

Security must be enterprise grade to minimize attack surface and fully automated to allow fast roll-out of IoT devices. Yanzi uses authenticated links and automatic key management based on public-key cryptography, specifically elliptic curve cryptography, ECC. Devices use dual layer encryption with a unique AES encryption key per device.

All IP solution

Internet Protocol (IP) is the unifying abstraction that allow layering of diverse applications on top of diverse communication media. It allows for intermediate equipment, such as switches and access points, to forward packets without the knowledge of encryption keys or device information. Other protocols such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, and Modbus requires intermediate equipment to have full knowledge of the end-to-end application.

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