Yanzi wins 2nd prize in IPSO Challenge 2014. IPSO challenge is a global competition sponsored by Google for the most innovative designs for smart objects in the Internet of Things.

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Yanzi has been chosen as one of the semi-finalists in the IPSO Challenge 2014, one of the most prestigious Internet-of things contests in the world with Google as lead sponsor.

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Connect new things, instantly!

Yanzi connects things automatically and instantly. The only user interaction needed is one “accept” click in the Yanzi App, and the devices are up and running in minutes. No WPA keys or pushbutton needed—this is true Plug & Play!

Hello, we are your things!

All the connected things will automatically update you on their latest status, warn, and remind you. Your things are always connected and you can access them from anywhere.

Frost Alarm

Keep track of temperature changes. You can set your own temperature limits and receive notifications when these are exceeded. PDF reports can be sent to you regularly for administrative use.

Control Lights

Control your lights directly from the app. You can certainly turn on/off an individual light with your phone, but more importantly, your lights may be controlled by a motion detector or by the timer connected to the Internet clock. You can also dim your lights or control multiple lights with one click.

View images and video

With a camera you can view live and recorded video together with high-resolution images. Easily find the recorded sequence when something actually occurred. Combine with a motion detector and receive a notification showing what just happened.


See and compare usage of energy at your location or for specific things. It is possible to view consumption in watts and kWh as well as actual cost. PDF reports can be sent to you regularly for administrative use.

Control Heating

Remotely control the heating systems with the Smartplug and know how much energy it uses. With the Yanzi thermometer, temperature may be automatically controlled.

Detect Motion

Place a wireless motion detector anywhere you need and get notified when there is movement. The motion detector feature can be used in combination with the Smartplug to control the lights and for a burglar alarm or simply just to detect presence.

Seamless & automated security

Would you like me to turn on the alarm?

With an invisible fence, Yanzi can automatically detect if a person (phone) has left the building and then ask if the user wants the alarm to be armed. In addition, when the user is about to enter the building, Yanzi will automatically ask if the alarm should be disarmed.

Advanced Video – Live & Recorded

Yanzi features live and recorded video from your connected cameras for the user to enjoy and share in multiple devices.


Multiple Sites & Multiple Users

Yanzi makes it possible for a user to have multiple locations with only one single login. Users can also invite friends and family to a location.

The Yanzi Things!

The Yanzi Things will automatically connect to a smartphone via the Yanzi cloud. The things, cloud, and app are tightly integrated, giving the user a rich and powerful experience. It’s easy to set up and use!

  • Gateway

    • Gateway that finds, configures and interacts with your things
    • Connects to Internet by cable or wireless (2G/3G/4G)
    • WiFi router/hot spot
    • - Internal battery guarantees operation in case of power outage
    • Stores video internally
    • Continues operation when Internet is not available
  • Plug

    • Control your lights
    • Measures energy use
    • Several smartplugs can be grouped together and controlled as one
    • IPv6
  • Smartlamp

    • Screw in the socket and the lamp will connect instantly
    • On/Off/Dim
    • Several smartlamps can be grouped together and controlled as one
    • IPv6
  • Camera

    • Connect the camera and view it instantly in the app
    • Yanzi support the ONVIF standard adopted by Axis, Bosch, Panasonic and Sony
  • Motion Detector

    • Put in batteries and the motion detector will connect instantly
    • Place it on a table or hang it on the wall wherever you want to detect motion
    • Will work together with the Smartplug, Smartlamp, Camera, and other things
    • For security alarms
    • Battery operated (4 AA batteries required)
    • IPv6
  • Thermometer

    • Put in batteries and the thermometer will connect instantly
    • Will give you the latest temperature and humidity levels
    • Notifications when certain thresholds have been exceeded
    • Battery operated (4 AA batteries required)
    • IPv6


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